"Mother & Daughter"
"Patiently Waiting"
"Northwest Rain"
"Rugged Elegance"
"Bluebird Garden"
"Watering Hole"
"Clear Runway"
"Anyone Home"
"Standing Room Only"
"Pray - In the
Minds Eye"
"Gone Fishing"
"Reef of Life"
"Predator - In the
Mind's Eye"
"On the Edge"
"Midday on the
"Fall Encounter"
"Winter Rivals"
"Landing Zone"
"Murky Waters"
(Texas Ducks
Unlimited Print)
"The Chase"
"Personal Space"
"Morning Display"
"Rays of Life"
"Waiting for Momma"
"Morning Stretch"

"Rocky Mountain High"
"Ancient Realm"
"American Beauty"  
"Three of a Kind"
"Among the Lilies"
"Old Friends"
"Keeper of the Pacific"
"Deep Friendship"
"In Ruins"
"Indigo Evening"
"In the Trenches"
"Spouting Horn"
"An Inch Away"
"Life among the Pines"
"Spring Solstice"
"Summer Solstice"
"Winter Solstice"
"Frozen in Time"
"White on White"
"Sticky Situation"
"Cardinal View"
"Master of her Domain"
"Winds of Change"