Until September of 2000, I was very content with the life I
had chosen. That life was working with the animals you
see before you in my artwork. I've always considered
myself a lucky man to have had that privilege. But when I
discovered that I possessed a talent for painting, I took the
only step that felt right to me and began to paint them as I
saw them.
When you spend your life caring for wild animals, you
begin to notice behaviors and personalities unique to each
individual animal. Personalities unknown to most humans
who view them from afar or sadder yet, through the bars of
cages. I made a vow to myself that I would do my very best
to capture that personality in each of my paintings and to
never hide behind the preconceived notions that humans
have of wild animals. I hope that my paintings help YOU to
see into the animal world that I have come to know and
deeply love. As humans we have a responsibility to be the
voice on behalf of the all animals that share this planet
with us. I only hope that my paintings SHOUT for each of
All of my paintings are Watercolor & Gouache on
watercolor board.
No photography is used.

                  Justin Sparks

"The Sparks Gallery"
46 NE Hwy 101   
Depoe Bay, Oregon
"Spring Solstice"